About Me

I currently work on digital and social media campaigns for clients ranging from consumer electronics giants to literature, software, HR services and clothing manufacturers. I love the challenge that comes with dreaming up unique, creative digital experiences for brands to engage with their customers.

My last job was... a bit different: anchoring and producing bulletins for Headlines Today. It also gave me the chance to blend my love for digital and social media with story-telling. This led to some super-challenging and super-fun TV shows such as #YourVote2014, as well as the widely-praised Election Express.

As a reporter I've worked at Businessworld and NewsX, covering everything from technology to business, the environment, foreign affairs, security, cyber-security and lifestyle.

I am currently based in Gurgaon, where I spend my free time running, swimming, cycling and learning stuff on Coursera that has nothing to do with my work. My personal challenge for 2015 is to complete CodeAcademy's basic web skills course. Hopefully it'll help me make this blog prettier & more interactive. Oh, and I'd like to complete a Sprint Triathlon without collapsing into a heaving heap of sweat.

You'll find my LinkedIn profile here, if you'd like to know more about my work.


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