Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Constable Tomar's tragic death

Constable Subash Tomar's death during the protests has created plenty of controversy. Frankly, I find the controversy wholly unnecessary. The usual suspects are trying to paint this as some sort of media conspiracy. This is bizarre, since we still don't know so many things.

This is what we know for sure:
- Two widely-distributed photos show Constable Tomar collapsed on the ground near India Gate this weekend. He is unconscious. Two civilians & 2 policemen are trying to revive him.
- Ct. Tomar was then taken to hospital where he died on Tuesday morning.
- Doctors say he bears no "major, external injuries" and attribute his death to cardiac arrest.

The two versions - not necessarily contradictory:
- The police claim Ct Tomar was beaten and died as a result. This is plausible - even in the absence of "major external injuries". How? I'll get to it.
- One of the civilians who helped him says he did not see Ct Tomar being attacked. He says the policeman collapsed in front of him. This is also plausible and does not necessarily contradict the police version. How? I'll get to it.

Possible scenarios that led to constable Tomar's death:
- The police are flat out wrong/lying and Ct. Tomar did suffer a heart attack from the strain of policing the protests. He wasn't attacked at all.
- Ct. Tomar was attacked earlier - as the police claim - which led to internal injuries. This explains the absence of "major external wounds". Perhaps the boy was not present at this time. It's possible Ct. Tomar did not realise the extent of his injuries and continued policing until he finally collapsed - which the boy did witness.
- The doctors have not yet released the autopsy report. We don't know whether Ct. Tomar suffered internal injuries. All we know is his body didn't have "major external injuries".

Let's hold off on the conspiracy theories for now. The autopsy report is the only conclusive statement on what happened to Ct. Tomar. Until it comes out, both the police and the young man's versions of what happened can only be seen as that: versions of the same story.

As for the media's part, these conspiracy theorists love to paint the media as stooges of the Congress. In this case, the Congress-led Delhi government has been fighting the Delhi Police over its handling of the protests. And it's the Police's version that people seem to have a problem with. Anyone see the problem here?

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  1. But media has other motive too, by calling this a 'murder' by protestors they want to sideline the real issue of womens safety in Delhi and thus save delhi govt. of Dixit and central govt.


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