Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why I think the Indian Express article on Kiran Bedi was legitimate

Many people have criticised the Indian Express for running today's story on Kiran Bedi overcharging airfare to groups that invited her to speak at events. The IE's critics fall largely into two camps.

The first camp believes Mrs Bedi did nothing wrong. They say her explanation suffices. The second camp believes the Indian Express ran the piece solely at the behest of the Government.

To these critics, I propose a test of fairness.

For Group 1
Say you pay a corporate trainer Rs 15,000 to fly business class from Delhi to Mumbai for a session. He travels economy for Rs 7,000 and puts the remaining Rs 8,000 into his housing society's orphans' education fund. Would you consider this ethical?

For Group 2
Would you hold the same objection if the story was run by The Pioneer, a newspaper edited by a BJP Rajya Sabha MP?

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