Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's here, but can the Formula 1 Indian GP return?

The inaugural Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix is just over 8 days away. Given all the controversy and high costs, can it come back after the initial contract runs out.

The Jaypee Group has invested close to $400mn on building the track and related infrastructure. Annual operating costs & license fees are expected to hit $50mn on the lower side. Over four years, by when Jaypee hopes to break even on operating costs, the total cost of building and operating the Buddh International Circuit would hit $600mn - well over half a billion dollars.

Jaypee plans to make money from two sources:
1. F1 ticket sales (no sponsorship money is given to circuits)
2. Hosting other motoring events at the Buddh International circuit

Let's take these one-by-one.
With 100,000 spectators, Jaypee will at most make $16 mn in ticket sales. It plans to roughly double seating capacity. Let's assume this happens within two years. By 2013, the BIC should earn $32mn in F1 ticket sales. For the moment, I've discounted the small matter of an entertainment tax exemption granted by Uttar Pradesh's Mayawati government for the F1 race. A certain Amit Kumar has challenged this exemption before the Supreme Court. Given the IPL precedent, things don't look good for Jaypee's margins.

Now, let's look at revenues from other motor sports events. The official website for the Buddh International circuit says it hopes to start more international racing events from 2012. None, so far, have been confirmed.
That leaves local events. Motor sport is a very small community in India. Formula 1 attracted just 10 million Indian viewers last year. Cable TV viewership alone for the cricket world cup finals hit 67.6 million viewers. That figure does not account for India's 31 million DTH subscribers and hundreds of millions of Doordarshan viewers.

In a nutshell, outside of the F1 race tickets, Jaypee has no confirmed revenues.

Let's do the math as it stands, then
Fixed and recurring costs over the next four years: $600mn
Income from F1 tickets over next 4 years (Jaypee's breakeven point) = $96mn ($16mn in '11 & '12; $32mn in '13 & '14)

That's a net loss of $504mn

Last time I checked, the Jaypee Group was a for-profit enterprise. They claim they will recoup costs from selling flats in nearby residential plots. But can they really afford a half a billion dollar loss?

P.s. I am a Formula 1 aficionado. I want the Indian Grand Prix to succeed. I just don't see how that's possible in the long run at this stage.


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  10. Ok, let me see if you understand this. In my very first comment, I said You were blocked because:

    1) You posted extremely bigoted comments about Muslims when replying to my friend on Twitter.


    2) You use an alias and won't use your real name. I think this is cowardly given what you're saying.

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