Thursday, September 15, 2011

Al Qaeda makes the U.S and Pakistan fight... again!

I love this story. It highlights - perfectly - how badly aligned the U.S's and Pakistan's interests are.

About a day ago, it says, a Pakistani intelligence official told NBC that Ayman al-Zawahiri had fled the country for either Yemen of Somalia.

Interestingly, David Petraeus, the new CIA director, also believes this is likely - although it hasn't happened yet. And he certainly doesn't name those two countries.

Sure, why not? The CIA has quadrupled drone strikes under President Obama. Zawahiri would want to be somewhere safe, right? Of course, the Pakistani official ignores the fact that the CIA has begun drone strikes in both Yemen & Somalia. That's because, as Petraeus notes, Somalia has become a new haven for terror groups. It would be stupid for Zawahiri to go from the frying pan into the fire.

Then it gets better. The story also notes how hours later, an American intelligence official told the same channel that he believed al-Zawahiri would never leave the safe haven that was Pakistan.

So far, so good; just differing analysis on the same situation. But it's what the U.S official says next that shows exactly what the CIA thinks. Bear in mind it was an ISI official who made the claim that Zawahiri had left Pakistan.

To this, U.S intelligence official says: "These are the same people who insisted all along that bin Laden was in Afghanistan."

I won't say more.

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